Let adventure take the wheel and drive! Adventure Zone, Dalma Mall, will show you a wide range of gripping activities for everyone, such as the Boulder Wall, High Ropes Course, Skate Park, Pump Track & Trampoline Park. That’s not all! Looking to throw an awesome party? You’ll just love our fully equipped Party Lodge.


Dubai: Times Square Center | Galleria Mall
Abu Dhabi: Dalma Mall | Yas Mall

The High Ropes Course at Adventure Zone, Dalma Mall, will keep you engaged with its 11 different obstacles; swinging logs, skateboard bridge, spinning tables, and much more! This course is 3.5 meters high, and ends going down a slide. An instructor will be present to supervise and assist.


Abu Dhabi: Dalma Mall 


Are you a beginner who’s getting into skateboarding, BMX, scooters or bikes? Or an expert who wants to pull off some tricks on the ramps? Our Skate Park at Dalma Mall is the largest indoor skate park in the UAE, and has something for everyone! We’ll even set you up with professional instructors who can help you take your skills to the next level.


Abu Dhabi: Dalma Mall 


Take on the Boulder Wall at Adventure Zone, Dalma Mall! Featuring natural holds and routes suitable for both beginners and experts. A great activity to increase your body strength, flexibility, and enjoyment!It’s 3.5m high and has over 50 different routes of all levels of difficulty, ideal for all age groups and experience levels.


Abu Dhabi: Dalma Mall

Who ever said that having fun and getting fit can’t go hand in hand, hasn’t experienced our fun-tastic Trampoline Park at Adventure Zone, Dalma Mall. Come as a group, or even by yourself, and enjoy 16 trampoline boxes, four wall trampolines, and even a basketball ring and volleyball net for maximum entertainment. That’s not all! We host a ladies only event every Monday so that everyone gets to join in on the excitement.


Abu Dhabi: Dalma Mall 


Get your daily dose of adrenaline on our Pump Track at Adventure Zone, Dalma Mall! Hop on your BMX or scooter, and enter a continuous loop of linked wooden rollers, pump as fast as you can and try to beat the best score. Suitable for kids and adults, and guaranteed to make you want to come back for more.

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